-+ What is Abscabs?

Simply put, we are a car rental platform. Through our various car offers, we provide you the power to compare and choose the right cab for your travel need. Because we want to make your travel a joyful experience, we build this simple car rental solution to all cab/taxi users.

-+ What are the benefits of using Abscabs?

On Abscabs you can search different car rental options by comparing fares, cab operators, and vehicles so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision through only 3 simple steps.

Our vendors are carefully chosen depending their capability to provide reliable service.

Moreover, we are here for you 24*7 to help you out in case any issues occur.

-+ Are all the vendors, registered with Abscabs, reliable?

We perform a background check of each vendor on different parameters like reliability, quality of service, customer dealing etc. before registering them with Abscabs.

In addition, we continuously monitor their work by taking user feedback and provide a rating for them which helps users taking a decision while booking a cab from a specific cab vendor.

-+ Do I need to register to your website to book a cab?

No, you don’t need to. But if you register, you can easily track your trips and provide ratings and reviews. And you also help us to provide you the best car rental offers.

-+ What information do you collect during the registration process?

During the registration process, you are required to provide your name, valid email ID (which is treated as your username), and Phone number. Other details like pickup address are taken at the time of booking.

-+ What are the benefits I get if registered?

You don’t need to provide the details like pickup address, mobile number every time. Moreover, you can view your booking history anytime.And time to time you will get some best cab rental offers exclusively for registered users.

-+ I have forgotten the password. What should I do?

Click the Forgot Password? link available in Sign-in screen. You will be asked to enter the Email ID that you used to register with us. Once you provide your email ID and request for the password, it will be sent to your email address.

-+ Can I book a cab for today?

Yes. We take booking request, a minimum of 4 hours before the trip commencement time. But can’t guarantee a confirmed booking if you book within 4 hours of departure time.

-+ Can I book a cab months in advance?

No. We currently have a limit of one month for the advance bookings. So you can’t make a booking in advance more than a month.

-+ How will you charge for one-way trips?

The current cab industry model is to charge two-way even though the customer utilizes the cab for one-way travel as the cab has to return back to the journey originating point empty. So we are not left with any choice other than charging the two-way fare for one-way trips also.

-+ Can I modify a booking I already made? Will I be charged for that?

No. Modifications can’t be allowed for already confirmed booking. You need to cancel the existing booking and have to place a new booking. But if you want to reduce your journey days then call our helpdesk and inform about the change. This change will not cost you anything.

-+ Can I drop my car off at a different location?

Yes. You can book to pick your car up in one place and drop it off in another. You’ll pay a ‘one-way fee’ for this.

Once you’ve booked a car, you can change your pick-up or drop-off location by amending your booking. You’ll be charged a one-way fee – and the price of the rental will probably change too.

Once you’ve picked your car up, please contact the car hire company directly if you want to drop it off somewhere else. You will find a phone number on the rental agreement you signed when you picked the car up.

-+ Will I have to pay for anything when I collect my car?

Yes. When you pick up your car, you’ll leave a deposit for it.

You’ll also pay for any extras you want, such as a GPS or child seat, and for any additional drivers you’d like to add.

There may be other charges, depending on where you’re hiring, the age of the driver(s), and what your trip involves. A few examples:
Government taxes, location charges, one-way fees, fuel charges, credit card charges, winterisation fees, young driver fees, senior driver fees, out of hours fees, roadside assistance fees, mileage fees and cross-border fees.

You can read through your car’s terms and conditions for more details.

-+ Can I drop the car off later than my drop off time?

If you haven’t started your trip yet, you can change your drop-off time by amending your booking. Any changes you make to your booking will probably change the price.

Once you’ve picked your car up, please contact the car hire company directly if you want to change your drop-off time.

If you drop the car off later than arranged, the car hire company will charge you a late fee.

-+ Why was my payment declined?

It might be because we had a problem communicating with your card provider, or because there is an issue with your card, or because you made a mistake when you were entering the details.

You could try again using a different card, or contact your card provider to check everything is working.

To make things easy, you can pay for your car with any card on our site. You don’t have to pay for your booking with the credit card you bring with you when you pick up the car.

-+ Can I collect the car early?

You can usually pick up your car up to half an hour early. However, it might not be ready.

If your plans change in advance, you can bring your pick-up time forward by amending your booking. Any changes you make to your booking will probably change the price.

-+ Can I book a rental car for someone else?

Yes, as long as they meet these requirements. Just fill in their details while you’re making the reservation.

-+ How do I cancel my booking? What are the charges?

You can cancel your booking any time up to 4 hours before the trip start. You can cancel through our website by clicking the “cancellation” link in the home page. The charges are as follows:

1). Greater than 24 hours from the scheduled pick up time – 25% of the advance deposit amount* are the cancellation charges, balance 75% will be refunded.

2). 24- 12 hours before scheduled pick up time – 50% of the advance deposit amount* are the cancellation charges, balance 50% will be refunded.

3). 12 – 4 hours before the scheduled pick up time – 75% of the advance deposit amount* are the cancellation charges, balance 25% will be refunded.